J. Phys. Soc. Jpn. 32, pp. 958-963 (1972) [6 Pages]

Neutron Diffraction Study of Cr2As

+ Affiliations
1The Research Institute for Iron, Steel and Other Metals, Tohoku University

Cr 2 As is known as an antiferromagnet with the Néel temperature T N of 393 K. Its magnetic structure is determined by neutron diffraction by using single crystals as well as powdered samples. The magnetic structure obtained has such a symmetry that any isotropic exchange interaction vanishes between Cr(I) and Cr(II) sublattices, while dipole-dipole like interactions remain finite between them. Values of 0.40±0.08 µ B and 1.34±0.06 µ B are obtained for the magnetic moments of Cr(I) and Cr(II) respectively. Contrary to a previous study, it is observed that the magnetizations of Cr(I) and Cr(II) sublattices vanish at the same temperature, T N . This inconsistency is considered to come from the mis-indexing of lines which are actually due to Cr 2 O 3 contamination in the previous work.

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