J. Phys. Soc. Jpn. 35, pp. 1-7 (1973) [7 Pages]

Resonance Scattering of Bremsstrahlung by 6Li, 11B and 27Al

+ Affiliations
1Laboratory of Nuclear Science, Faculty of Science, Tohoku University

The bremsstrahlung beam from a 5 MeV electron linear accelerator was used to excite and study low-lying levels in 6 Li, 11 B and 27 Al. A self-absorption method was used to find the widths \(\varGamma\) of these levels. The following level widths are obtained: \(\varGamma{=}(6.5_{-1.7}^{+2.4})\) eV for the 3.56 MeV level in 6 Li; \(\varGamma{=}(0.23\pm 0.09)\) eV for the 2.12 MeV level, and \(\varGamma{=}(0.53\pm 0.21)\) eV for the 4.44 MeV level in 11 B. For the 2.98 MeV level in 27 Al, the level width is found to be \(\varGamma{=}(0.10\pm 0.04)\) eV assuming that the lower energy member of the doublet at 3 MeV is excited.

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