JPS Conf. Proc. 1, 012049 (2014) [4 pages]
Proceedings of the 12th Asia Pacific Physics Conference (APPC12)
Imaging of Internal Structure in Gel Engineering Materials with Visual Scanning Microscopic Light Scattering
Department of Mechanical System Engineering, Soft & Wet Matter Engineering Laboratory (SWEL), Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Yamagata University, Yonezawa, Yamagata 992-8510 Japan
Received July 15, 2013

The static inhomogeneities in gels prevent us to observe the structure of gels by scattering method. To solve this problem, we have developed scanning microscopic light scattering (SMILS) originally. In this study, firstly, the relationship between the internal structure and mechanical properties of the dry-synthesis gels are precisely examined experimentally by the scattering microscopic light scattering and theoretically by the tensile test. Secondary, we show the new system named Visual-SMILS that can provide the 2-dimentional data of the distribution. Based on our findings, the strength of the gels is possibly controlled and expected by using SMILS observation. We believe this system is to be applied to develop 3D gel-scanner.

©2014 The Physical Society of Japan


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