JPS Conf. Proc. 30, 011111 (2020) [6 pages]
Proceedings of the International Conference on Strongly Correlated Electron Systems (SCES2019)
Single Crystal Growth and Magnetic Properties of R2TGe6 (R = Ce, Pr T = Cu, Pd)
1Graduate School of Science and Technology, Shinshu University, Matsumoto, Nagano 390-8621, Japan
2Faculty of Science, Shinshu University, Matsumoto, Nagano 390-8621, Japan
Received September 17, 2019

We have successfully grown single crystals of Ce2CuGe6, Ce2PdGe6, Pr2CuGe6, and Pr2PdGe6 by Bi-flux method. The magnetic properties have been investigated precisely by means of measuring magnetic susceptibility and magnetization. All these compounds exhibit antiferromagnetic ordering at TN = 15.2 K in Ce2CuGe6, 11.3 K in Ce2PdGe6, 16.4 K in Pr2CuGe6, and 13.6 K in Pr2PdGe6, respectively. The effective magnetic moments are close to the theoretical value of free Ce3+ or Pr3+ ion, and the paramagnetic Curie temperatures are positive for \(H\parallel [010]\) and negative for \(H\parallel [100]\) and [001]. The magnetization for \(H\parallel [010]\) shows two metamagnetic transitions at about 1 T with small hysteresis. Two kinds of magnetic phase diagram for \(H\parallel [010]\) are obtained depending on T (= Cu, Pd) elements.

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