J. Phys. Soc. Jpn. 56, pp. 1132-1137 (1987) [6 Pages]

Numerical Analysis of Spin-1/2 Alternating Heisenberg-XY Antiferromagnet in One Dimension

+ Affiliations
1Department of Physics, Tokyo Institute of Technology

The spin-1/2 alternating Heisenberg model with X Y -like anisotropy is studied by numerical methods. This model exhibits critical behavior in the ground state as the bond-alternation parameter δ approaches 0. The critical exponents characterizing this ground-state critical point are estimated. The results agree well with those of the analytical calculation of Nakano and Fukuyama. A logarithmic correction of the type predicted by Black and Emery is found to be consistent with numerical data in the isotropic Heisenberg model but not in anisotropic models.

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