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Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, February 15, 2014, Vol. 83, No. 2

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A long-time variation in the magnetic structure of Ce0.98La0.02Ir3Si2 has been studied by magnetization and time-resolved neutron scattering measurements. CeIr3Si2 is the first material in which the long-time variation in magnetic structure was observed in three-dimensional uniform magnets. Similar long-time variations in magnetic structure have been observed in several uniform materials. In order to clarify whether the long-time variations in the magnetic structure of these materials do not originate from randomness due to unexpected impurities or imperfections, the time variation behavior in a material with embedded randomness has been examined. The time variations observed in the magnetization and neutron scattering measurements of Ce0.98La0.02Ir3Si2 are basically the same as those observed in CeIr3Si2. Present results have shown that a peculiar long-time variation in the magnetic structure of CeIr3Si2 is not caused by inevitable randomness in a sample but is its intrinsic property.

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