JPSJ Outstanding Referees

The JPSJ Outstanding Referee Program is instituted starting in 2015 to recognize physicists who have been very helpful in article publications in Journal of the Physical Society of Japan (JPSJ). This program recognizes about ten of currently active referees and editors every year. The outstanding referees are selected by the JPSJ editorial board based on various aspects of contributions as a reviewer as well as an editor based on the records kept since year 2004. Individuals with current or very recent direct connections to JPSJ, such as editor-in-chief and full-time editors, are excluded.


Tsuyoshi Kimura (University of Tokyo)
Shigeyuki Komura (University of Chinese Academy of Sciences)
Kazuyuki Matsubayashi (University of Electro-Communications)
Tsuyoshi Miyazaki (National Institute for Materials Science)
Hidekazu Mukuda (Osaka University)
Mikito Toda (University of Hyogo)


Atsushi Ito (National Institute for Fusion Science)
Hiroyuki Kitahata (Chiba University)
Hiroki Saito (University of Electro-Communications)
Akira Shudo (Tokyo Metropolitan University)
Takami Tohyama (Tokyo University of Science)


Atsushi Fujimori (Waseda University)
Yuki Fuseya (University of Electro-Communications)
Yoshinori Hayakawa (Tohoku University)
Jun-ichi Ieda (Japan Atomic Energy Agency)
Takeshi Matsumoto (Kyoto University)
Masahito Mochizuki (Waseda University)
Toshihito Osada (University of Tokyo)


Hiroshi Eisaki (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST))
Chisa Hotta (University of Tokyo)
Takafumi Kita (Hokkaido University)
Shinji Takesue (Kyoto University)
Yoshihiro Yamazaki (Waseda University)


Hiroaki Ikeda (Ritsumeikan University)
Shinsaku Kambe (Japan Atomic Energy Agency)
Tohru Kawarabayashi (Toho University)
Kazuaki Sakoda (National Institute for Materials Science)
Hitoshi Seo (RIKEN)
Osamu Yamamuro (University of Tokyo)


Hiroshi Ajiki (Tokyo Denki University)
Ryotaro Arita (University of Tokyo)
Yusuke Kato (University of Tokyo)
Hiroshi Kohno (Nagoya University)
Takashi Mizokawa (Waseda University)
Ryousuke Shiina (University of Ryukyus)


Taka-hisa Arima (University of Tokyo)
Koji Hukushima (University of Tokyo)
Sumio Ishihara (Tohoku University)
Kazuaki Iwasa (Ibaraki University)
Yoshiyuki Kabashima (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Kazushi Kanoda (University of Tokyo)
Takuro Katsufuji (Waseda University)


Satoshi Fujimoto (Osaka University)
Norio Kawakami (Kyoto University)
Kazuhiko Kuroki (Osaka University)
Minoru Nohara (Okayama University)
Tamio Oguchi (Osaka University)
Hidenori Takagi (University of Tokyo)
Daijiro Yoshioka (University of Tokyo)


Hiroshi Amitsuka (Hokkaido University)
Zenji Hiroi (University of Tokyo)
Takashi Hotta (Tokyo Metropolitan University) 
Hiroaki Kusunose (Meiji University)
Kazumasa Miyake (Toyota Physical and Chemical Research Institute)
Toshiro Sakakibara (University of Tokyo)
Shin-ichi Sasa (Kyoto University)
Noriaki Sato (Nagoya University)
Setsuko Tajima (Osaka University)
Youichi Yanase (Kyoto University)


Hisatomo Harima (Kobe University)
Kenji Ishida (Kyoto University)
Hideaki Kitazawa (National Institute for Materials Science)
Hiroshi Kontani (Nagoya University)
Yoshio Kuramoto (Tohoku University)
Mitsugu Matsushita (Chuo University)
Masao Ogata (University of Tokyo)
Masashi Takigawa (University of Tokyo)
Ichiro Terasaki (Nagoya University)
Kenji Yonemitsu (Chuo University)